Thursday, 19 September 2013

Le Tigre de Miel a.k.a. The Honey Hunter

It's finally happening. The Honey Hunter, or Le Tigre de Miel as it's called in French, one of the stories I had written for Akram Khan Company's DESH, has become an children's book  lushly, ingeniously illustrated by the brilliant Joëlle Jolivet and creatively translated into French by Dominique Vitalyos. Editions Hélium are publishing it in France, and Young Zubaan in India. Much of it happened thanks to Judith Oriol of the French Embassy in India who has been our fairy godmother on this, sparking magical connections that brought word and image together!

The French edition will be out next month and here's an animated trailer made by Luce Côte-Colisson and Lucie Rouxel with music by Georges Le Gonidec.

More news on the launch soon!


  1. Hi Karthika,
    My name is Paul and I recently returned from a trip to Europe where I bought two of your books, 'Le Tigre de Miel'. I don't speak or read french but the imagery was so wonderfully compelling and beautiful I couldn't leave Paris without them!
    I love giving foreign language books away as gifts, along with a handwritten English translation, however I can't seem to track down a English translation anywhere; do you know if there is one available? Can you please contact me if you can help?

  2. Karthika chechi,
    Wonderful to see your blog on here. This is Aravind from PTP. Please send me your email address