Friday, 20 June 2014

Satyavati: Fault Lines as an e-book from HarperXXI

"Listen. Listen... This is not the whole
story, nor a lyrical history of mankind*: it is
what I know to be mine, true or nearly so,
perhaps not at all at times, for Truth is a beast
more wayward than Time."

Ehm, my lovely publishers at HarperCollins India have urged me to spread the word far and wide. So here is the word in question: 

Satyavati: Fault Lines (I-IV, to be precise), a part-preview of my forthcoming reworking of the Mahabharata in eighteen voices, will be launched tomorrow (the whimsical gods of technology permitting) as part of this summer's HarperXXI series - from HarperCollins India's digital books stable. Out on June 21st, for solstitial reading!

Hyperlinks to the many avenues of purchase should have been included, but I don't have them yet - apologies for being so remiss! But they will be up very soon.

* a response to Vyaasa’s description in Peter Brook’s Mahabharata.

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